January 14, 2012

Goals for 2012

How many of you all out there have made resolutions?

Now how many have kept them so far?

Thats usually the kicker, right? We start off the new year rip roarin' to go, only to fizzle out about two weeks later. At least thats what I do.

So, I've been thinking about how I can keep from doing that this year. And I have come to believe that its not my motivation that dwindles, but the quality of the goals themselves. In fact, I can confidently say that my goals are usually completely unreachable. So its easy to give up.

This year will be different. Instead of wanting to lose 500 pounds, or completely organize my house, or whatever other ridiculous thing I know I wont be able to do, I have made my goals about enriching my life. I want my goals to challenge me to be a creative gift giver, a better listener, and a more humble person.

Here are my top 5 creative goals for 2012.:
1. Make us a set of homemade coasters (I saw this on another blog and thought it was so neat)
2. Make homemade vanilla to give as gifts next christmas
3. Finally refinish the little end table thats in our kitchen
4. Can enough tomato products to last into 2013, hopefully with mostly tomatoes from our garden
5. Learn to make my own beer

And here are my top 5 personal goals for 2012:
1. Cook and eat at home 6 days a week
2. Make one new and exciting recipe a month, with an ingredient we have never tried before
3.Walk the dog more
4. Play more board games with J on the weekends
5. Volunteer

Of course, I will chronicle my accomplishments in these goals on this blog, hoping to complete 1-2 a month (although some are ongoing and may appear as a series).

Have you all set goals? Are yours fizzle proof?

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