June 3, 2012

What frugal eating looks like: this weeks snapshot

 I've been blessed to have a constant supply of these blue hydrangeas for my table. Our Hydrangea bush is almost 6 feet tall and has hundreds of blooms. I love these flowers!

This week we have been salad monsters. The weather has been hot, so we just wanted light dinners all week long. I made this salad out of romaine, leftover crumbled bacon, apples, carrots, Gruyere, and clippings off some onion sprouts that I thinned in the garden. Dressing is a creamy bbq sauce. This salad cost about 1.50 per person (not counting our beer peeking in on the left side!)

Nothing too exciting this week. This was some baked chicken with the bone on (much cheaper) that I just cut off the bone when it was time to serve. Cooking chicken on the bone keeps the meat so much more moist. This was a great dinner that cost about $2 per person.

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