June 24, 2012

What frugal eating looks like: This weeks snapshot

 The blackberry bush across from our house has been supplying us with beautiful free blackberries all week long. Free blackberries? Yes, please.

On Friday night J was wanting pizza, so instead of ordering out I whipped this sucker up. Pizza dough with bbq sauce, mushrooms and sausage with cheese. We had everything on had to make this pizza, and it was pretty good. That ranch heart was not intentional, btw, but was oddly appropriate.
Pizza love
Ah, egg in a hole. Gross name, delicious breakfast. Cut a hole in some bread, butter a hot skillet and add your bread, then crack an egg in the middle. YUM, especially with hot sauce!

We have been using our grill to death, we just love it so much! Here we had pork chops, salad, quinoa with cranberries and lemon juice, grilled zucchini from the garden and corn. We were happy stuffed campers. 
someone needs to work on her photography skills.

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