July 8, 2012

What frugal eating LOOKED like...a week ago....

As many of you know, several states in the eastern part of the country were hit with nasty storms last Friday, causing over a million people in our state alone to lose power. We were one of those households. Along with no electricity we also had no water (our well pump is electric). And it was 100 degrees.

Soooo....sorry I haven't been posting. We've been a little bit miserable busy. This was last weeks frugal eating report, and quite frankly you probably didn't want to see this weeks. It was just a lot of taco bell. :)

Grilled chicken drums (super cheap!) with some couscous.

Southwest salad with beans, corn, chicken and spicy ranch,

Homemade pizza with shredded pork, zucchini from the garden and bell peppers

Homemade sauce with tomatoes, mushrooms and bell peppers. Meat free saves $!

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