August 5, 2012

Preparing for winter

Saturday was a shut-in day for me, which was just as well since the weather sucked. I spent most of my day in the kitchen, like the walking stereotype that I am, cleaning and cooking. I decided what better day to prepare the kitchen for winter than a rainy, dreary day? Here's what I did:

Cleaned out and organized the pantry:


Put up corn for the winter:

Put up strawberries for the winter:

 I also organized the kitchen drawers and the spice cabinet, refilled the sugar and flour jars, and over all felt very productive.
junk drawer....unjunked?

I still have yet to put up the jars of tomato sauce and salsa that I want to. I guess most of the tomatoes this year will have to come from the farmers market, since I didn't have enough plants to make all of the pints of sauce that I wanted too. Next year I see at least 20 tomato plants in my garden :)

Other goals before the cooler months roll in include cleaning out the closets, shampooing the carpets and cleaning the window sills. Stop me now, I'm a party animal!

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