August 28, 2012

Theres no place like home: scary horse edition

 Everyone is happy to be hanging out on my parents farm....especially the dog. I was a little worried about how she would act but so far she's been pretty well behaved. We have even let her off her cable and she has fun running around and getting dirty. She has not eaten an ounce of dog food while she has been here. At first I thought she may be sick, but then I caught my grandpa slipping her cheez-its.
 I convinced J to go to my favorite breakfast place this morning. I remember it tasting better with a hangover :)
Here are my parents horses....they kinda freak me out. They're pretty and all, but one likes to "kiss" you. And by kiss, I mean gum you. All over. I'm a little scarred for life now. The other horse, the big one, is not broke yet. so I am a little timid about going near him. He likes to back his butt up to you, which is dangerous, and I dont really have a death wish this vacation so I think i'll stay at a safe distance. I'll pass on getting kicked in the face, thanks :)

Anyways, it has been relaxing so far. Yesterday we spent the morning in Boulder, today we are meeting my grandparents for a drink and just spending time with family. Tomorrow we will be heaving to the big Denver for some fun with old friends. J has been miserable this whole trip. He is allergic to cats and really any living tree or plant, and my parents have a cat and trees and plants sooo...yeah.

Well i'm off to go enjoy the wild west....I'm thinking I may take a trip to the tortilliarilla, or maybe a brew factory tour in fort collins? Im loving vacation :)

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