September 9, 2012

Menu Plan

Driving across the country was fun, but the next time we go back to Colorado I think we will fly. Having the car was nice though, because I was able to bring back a lot of the things we had stored at my parents house, such as cook books and fun kitchen items, like my molcajete:

Anyways, now that we are back home I promise to get back into my updates on Saturday routine :) In the mean time, we will be eating a lot healthier this week to try and compensate for the crazy amounts of junk and alcohol we consumed while on vacation. We'll be eating a lot of leftovers and duplicate meals (mostly because we need new tires for one of the cars, so we are saving $). Here's my menu plan for the week:

-Peanut butter crock pot oatmeal
-Homemade bread and jam

-Pasta salad
-Tuna salad sandwiches

-Bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar and fruit
-Marghertia pizza
-Veggies and Ranch dip
-Ribs with baked potatoes and salads

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