December 16, 2012

Things I dont sacrifice in the name of frugality

It's come to our attention lately that a few people probably think we are cheap and crazy. Well, I can't say anything about the crazy part but we are certainly not cheap!

Well, okay....we kind of are. But in my quest to save money, be more self sufficient and prepared for life's bad times, I have learned a few things are just worth paying more for. Here's my list of things I never go cheap on:

1. Coffee. I know...folger's isn't that bad, right? Can't I just save a few bucks and buy the maxwell house? NO. F NO. I don't do cheap coffee, folks. If I wanted to drink motor oil I would shop at Napa. My love affair with coffee began in Hawaii, and got worse when I bought a coffee grinder for 6 bucks at Ross. That isn't to say that I don't try to save money when I buy whole beans. I buy in bulk, I buy at sams often, and usually I only spend about 15 dollars a month for whole bean delicious coffee. Thats about double what I would spend on Folgers or something, but at the difference is that I enjoy myself.
mmm I want!
2. Meat. Again, I buy in bulk when I can and divide the meat myself. Stores jack up the prices on pre-package meat when all they did to it is cut it up and wrap it for you. I like to buy large pork loins at sames, cut my own chops and roasts, buy 5 lb packages of ground sausage or turkey and divide it myself. It saves a lot. But the point is, if your going to eat another creatures flesh, don't buy the cheap stuff. Maybe its because I grew up scared of mad cow and salmonela, but you really should go for quality. Being frugal doesn't always mean cheap tasting. If you can't afford good quality meat, eat less of it. Chances are you will enjoy and appreciate it more, and your waistline will also thank you.

aw, he's kinda cute.
3. Dog food. My dog wont be eating chicken feet and pig hooves treated with chemicals. I buy her good brands and in bulk, and I spend about 20 dollars a month this way. A 50lb bag lasts her about  1 1/2 months. Her coat is shiny, she is at a healthy weight, and she's a happy pup. I wont compromise.

4. Beer and Wine. One of life's pleasures, I don't go cheap when I can help it. And now we make it ourself.

5. Car Maintenance.  If you want a vehicle to last, you need to maintain it regularly, or it will cost a lot more in the long run to get it fixed. I have learned that the hard way. It doesn't mean you can't utilize coupons though- we often get 10 off coupons in the mail, and the mechanic gives us another 10 off for using their company credit card.

6. Guns and ammunition. This one is pretty easy and straight forward: cheap materials are more likely to get you killed. Splurge for the better and well made items.

7. Seeds. I buy open polinated seeds, not hybrids. If you save seeds from a hybrid and try to replant them next year, they will not grow. Seed companies have engineered them to be good for only one growing season, so they can get money again next year, and that is NOT okay with me. I buy only open polinated and non-hybrid varieties from local nurseries and companies that value seed saving. My company of choice is Souther Exposure Seed Exchange.
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