October 6, 2013

The progression of a nursery

I'm excited to say that our nursery is almost done, after much hard work on the part of J. There are still certain things we need and plan to work on, but they are mostly finishing touches at this point.

We started our development of of the nursery with no real direction. All I knew is that I didn't want the nursery to be in pastels, or feel very "baby-y", if that makes sense. We started with items that were handed down to us by friends and coworkers:
Crib, mattress, sheets, bumper: all hand me downs!

Then we made a list of things we still needed, and decided to re purpose items from around the house to meet the rest of our needs:

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This ratan sofa doesnt fit anywhere else in our small house, so we stuck it in the baby's room, for now. To keep it in good condition, I sewed felt covers for the cushions. I still need to make covers for the pillows. A fleece blanket covers the back to make it softer for long feeding times. The boppy pillow was bought second hand for $8 by a family member! 
 This quilt rack is a great addition to the room, and will hold plenty of warm baby blankets.

 BUT- we still needed a changing table. We didn't have one of those hanging around to re-purpose, so we decided to do the next best thing: build one.

J has skills. The best part? When the baby grows out of diapers, we can modify the changing table by adding drawers and turning it into a dresser.

 I chose this green because it accented the crib nicely, and by choosing a color that is not a pastel, it can last longer and grow with the baby through his younger years.
11 weeks to go, and it feels great to be almost completely done!

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