December 21, 2011

Wholesome homemade

<p>Every so often comes a little relevation in my life, the most recent being that we eat too many processed foods. I'm going to challenge myself to something in the new year: eliminate as many processed foods as possible and buy organic as often as our budget allows. Lately I have been on the fast food bandwagon entirely too much. I think this is because at work eating out together is a convenient and social thing...its going to be difficult to pack everyday when my work friends go out so frequently....but I think its a worthwhile investment. I am not really sure what they put in that fast food crap, but clearly it has not been good for me *pants a little too tight*

Josh has also informed me, embarrassingly enough, that I now snore and breath heavily in my sleep. Sigh. Ill have fun with cookies through Christmas, then its back to homemade food and exercise after the first. My primary goals being to cook everything from scratch and use wholesome ingredients you could've found in a kitchen hundreds of years ago (goodbye, fake butter and low-fat milk....). I will not, however, be slaughtering my own chickens. I ain't that old school. Well those are the goals....and that's the general direction I plan on taking this blog, since its been lost and lonely for so long.

A hui hou~

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