January 14, 2012

Freezer cooking #2

Last week was our first week eating dinners that I had made and frozen. And can I say that it was wonderful? WOW. I felt like I had so much more time to relax after work. Even Josh got into it, choosing what he wanted and popping it into the oven. It was great! And the food tasted just as good as if I had made it right then. My life felt 50% less stressed last week. I even got more work done at the office! Imagine that...

So naturally I did it again today. Here's what I made:
*Sloppy Josh's, double batch.
*Turkey pot pie with homemade cream of mushroom soup
*chicken brocolli Alfredo bake with homemade sauce.
With the Alfredo bake all I have to do is defrost it and stick it in the oven.
The pot pie? Defrost, layer some biscuit dough over top and bake.

Easy peasy. Love it.

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