January 7, 2012

Its gravy, baby

Freezer cooking: cooking things, then putting them in your freezer to eat later.

Thats my official definition.

Todays swaray into the freezer cooking world left me with some good loot, including granola bars for our lunches this week, 4 dinners (tomatillio stew, goulash, and 2 bbq chicken cassarole) and one breakfast treat for later use. See:

Isn't that exciting? I feel very proud of myself, especially because I found out a neat fact: sausage gravy is really easy to make. And there is nothing better for Sunday breakfast than biscuits and gravy! Well, maybe eggs benedict. Anyways, heres how I made it:

You will need:
1lb spicy (or not, whatever floats your boat) breakfast sausage
2 tbs butter
3 tbs corn starch, or flour
2 cups of milk

4 ingredients. I know, right? Awesome. Brown your sausage on med-high heat in a large skillet (you will need the extra room for the gravy part, remember?) and make a little space to add your butter:

 After the butter has melted, add your corn starch and mix it into the melted butter thoroughly. If you dont do this step, you will have lumpy, disgusting gravy. Don't say I never warned you.

 I dont know why that spoon has a hole in it either. Now, add your milk, stirring frequently and turning the heat down to medium after it reaches a light boil. Let the mixture boil for a few minutes so it can thicken. Note: if you use low fat milk, you will have thinner gravy and may need to add more corn starch/flour.
Once it reaches your desired consistency, serve warm over fresh biscuits. Yum. I'll have to post a picture of the biscuit part tomorrow, because guess what we're having for breakfast? Whole wheat biscuits. Yeah. Its good stuff. I put half of this gravy with my freezer cooking loot, so I can enjoy it another Sunday down the road too :)

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