March 18, 2012

Christmas prep is a lot like disaster prep!

I pretty much assume that no one reads this blog, which is great for this post!

One of my big goals this year, aside from growing my own food and doing more DIY, is to really be proactive and creative about Christmas. If you are in my family and would like to be surprised about your gift next year, stop reading. Now. Seriously!

I have a big jug of homemade vanilla I plan to divide up and label, which I'm really excited about. I think its a neat gift, homemade and good quality. I cant wait to get reviews from my family members as they use it for baking. It has been sitting under the counter "marinating" for almost two months now. Its going to be great (I hope)! Also, I'm hoping to get some jams made this summer, and hope to experiment with some wine jelly for a specific wine loving someone in the family.

Another thing I'm really hoping to do this next Christmas is sponsor a child. Since December I have been looking at good deals/bargains, etc. and have found numerous hats, gloves and cute socks. I got two of each, and spent just $4 dollars. Of course, if I find that we just cant spent the extra money to sponsor a child, I will just gift those items to my cousins. Of course, when I bought those items, I made sure I chose ones that they would like, in case my plan fell through and they received them instead.

I also plan on making these for some family members, and maybe even ourselves :)

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