March 22, 2012

Rewards of frugal living

Last night J and I had a revalation: we have enough money in savings to pay off a credit card but still maintain a small emergency fund. Holy awesome, batman!

For the last year, we have been gradually incorporating some lifestyle changes that make saving money easier at the end of the month. These changes are small. Very small. Buying dried beans in bulk instead of canned. Buying apples in a bag, instead of picking and chosing more expensive ones. Taking a free reel lawn mower instead of buying one. Not eating out. No daily starbucks habit. Making my own bread, biscuits, etc. These changes were so small, in fact, that I didn’t really notice them.

Just yesterday, after a bad day at work, I felt like I was working so hard just so we could tread water. But then we realized that we could pay off a credit card….and that was an amazing feeling. And in another two months, we should have enough to pay off a second card. Wow! Our efforts, after all this time, are finally paying off!

Last night after dinner I was doing the dishes. I watched J through the kitchen window working really hard to mow our jungle lawn with an old fashioned push mower that we got for free. I was amazed at his dedication to getting it done. It inspired me to push myself a little harder, too. I hope to see the rewards of our gardening this year. I hope to continue to work to get our electric bill down. I hope to buy most of my spring/summer clothes this year secondhand.

I am inspired to work harder, save more, and live richly. Sacrifice doesn’t feel so much like sacrifice anymore when you finally get to see the rewards for your hard work.

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