April 22, 2012

10 ways to use 30 eggs

There is no other food more affordable, versatile and nutritious than the egg. Eggs are one of the few sources of choline, and have lots of filling protein. They can be an add in to a meal or the main dish. They can be baked into sweet confections or made into savory souffles! I love eggs. Can't you tell?

Recently while doing some grocery shopping I came across a carton of 18 eggs that had been marked down to 1.29. And because I'm cheap, I thought omg! that would make a lot of stuff!! Naturally I bought them. Then while driving home I thought about the other carton of 12 eggs sitting in my fridge that needed to be used up. Hmm. Maybe we didn't need 30 eggs?? Oh well, the damage had been done!

So I set out to use up thirty eggs, and it got me thinking about all the ways I cook with them. Here are a few suggestions, in case you ever find yourself with 30 extra eggs. Ahem...

1. Breakfast burritos. I made 6 breakfast burritos with egg, sausage and spices. 4 of which I froze for breakfast at another time.

2. Pancake sausage muffins. This recipe uses two eggs, and makes 12 muffins. We will have 6 breakfasts out of those. Take your favorite pancake recipe, add in a 1/2 lb of cooked sausage and pour into muffin tins. Bake and serve with a drizzle of maple syrup, or wrap individually and freeze for later.

3. Scrambled egg hash. Brown diced potato, green pepper, and onion. Add in as many beaten eggs as you like. Serve with cheese and hot sauce! This is one of my favorite breakfasts.

4. Hard boil eggs to make egg salad sandwiches. Don't like egg salad? Mix some of the diced hard boiled eggs with tuna salad. It stretches the salad and makes it even more nutrient and protein packed. Use them to make deviled eggs. Slice neatly for salads. Eat them plain with tobasco and salt, which is one of the best ways, if you ask me!

5. Oatmeal bars. I love to make my own baked oatmeal squares. Search the internet for popular recipes.

6. Fried rice. Scramble your egg separately and fold cooked egg into rice before serving.

7. Make your own egg muffins or biscuits! Assemble all the ingredients you want, wrap tightly in plastic wrap and freeze. Grab one for a quick and easy microwaveable breakfast.

8. Pickled eggs. It takes a special egg lover to go for these....

9. Quiche without the crust. I combine a meat and several favorite veggies with beaten eggs. Pour into a greased baking dish and cook until set. Top with cheese and serve.

10. Breakfast pizza. Top your pizza crust with salsa, scrambled eggs, pieces of bacon and lightly shredded potato. Sprinkle lightly with cheddar. Crust can also be an English muffin for breakfast on the go.

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