April 22, 2012

Goal Check-in

April is almost gone! Time for my goal check-in....looks like I've got a few more to go this month! Weeding the garden has been an ongoing task. It kind of fell by the wayside as we spent one weekend out of town, and another I was on call. I foresee lots of weeds in my near future :)

-Get new covers for stovetop coil thingys
-Fix the kitchen screen
-Clean and organize the office
-Plant seedlings
-Continue to weed the garden

Here is my tentative list for May:

Personal Goals:
-Lose 8 pounds
-Go to the gym every morning before work, except during on-call days
-Put together mothers day packages for the moms

Household Goals:
-Replace light fixture in living room
-Plan out the entire months worth of meals
-Freezer cook breakfasts for the whole month
-Come in under our food budget!
-Continue to weed the garden

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