May 20, 2012

Garden Check in

May has been a rainy, wonderful month for my garden. My tomatoes are reaching the tops of their cages, which is very exciting! I'm hoping for a pretty good yield. I have 10 tomato plants in the ground- 6 heirloom, 1 cherry and 3 romas. I cannot wait to be eating fresh tomatoes. Yum!

Anyways, I thought I would show a few before and afters (that I remembered to take).
Mint- before

Holy mojitos, batman!
Little tiny broccoli

Ginormous Broccoli!
my first broccoli crown...right now about 3 inches in diameter.
Some rosemary....just chillin.

An heirloom tomato plant....lookin good!
Climb, tomato, climb!

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