May 26, 2012

What frugal eating looks like: this weeks snapshot

Sitting down to nice cold water and home grown hydrangeas.

Stir fry that serves four costs less than 3.50 to make.

 I snag up frozen mixed stir fry veggies when they go on sale for a dollar or less per package. Mixed with only a little chicken, some shoyu, spices and spread on brown rice: you have a cheap, healthy, delicious and filling meal.

And who doesn't love bacon, eggs and skillet potatoes on the weekends? mmm.
look for sales on meat-stock up and freeze! This bacon was $2 a package.
Baked potatoes and side salad with sesame dressing
  I love making baked potatoes. Especially when I get potatoes for 33 cents each, like I did with these!

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