May 26, 2012

Kroger deals and steals, plus garden goodness!

This week at Kroger I did exceptionally well. $38 for all this kinda well. They were having great sales! Keep in mind, I do not coupon. I walked away with:
18 eggs
2 cans tomato sauce
12 pack pudding 
peanut butter crackers
2 bags corn chips
1 packaged alfredo sauce mix
4 boxes corn muffin mix
1 package nathans all beef hot dogs
1/2 gallon milk
3 giant potatoes (for 99 cents!)
1lb ground beef
peanut butter
3 candy bars
1 loaf of all wheat bread
Teryaki sauce, reduced to .69!
6 lbs of chicken, bone in breasts, .99 a lb.

On another note, I harvested some broccoli from the garden this week. It is cut and clean and in the fridge, waiting to be put in some chicken fettuccine. :)

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