May 26, 2012

Work lunches, made easy

June will forever go down in history at the month of the muffin (at least in our house). I know J is going to think I'm completely insane when, after about four days into the month, he see's yet another muffin concoction in his lunch box.

What can I say....I'm a creature of habit. And convenience. And what is more convenient than lunch, in muffin form, you can pull out of the freezer and throw in your lunchbox. And that's it. No wrapping or spreading or cooking. Freezer to lunchbox to mouth. That's my kinda lunch. A special thanks to Laura at the blog for her inspiration on these recipes. I tweaked mine quite a bit to suit our tastes.

Anyways, I went a little muffin crazy this morning. My goal was to make enough lunches for the month of June. Muffin and lunch in the same sentence, you say? Weird, you say? Well, I beg to differ, kind sir. Or Madame. Or whatever....

Sloppy Corn Bread Muffins

You will need:
1 lb ground beef, pork or turkey-whichever you prefer
1 small can tomato sauce
1tsp red pepper flakes
2 tbs brown sugar
1 tsp italian seasoning
2 boxes Jiffy corn muffin mix which are like 30 cents at walmart (CHEAP-hello!)
2 eggs
2/3 cup milk

Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Brown ground beef. When cooked through, add seasonings, brown sugar and tomato sauce. While this simmers and thickens, prepare corn bread batter according to directions on box (basically, mix whats in the box with the milk and eggs. Easy peasy). Turn off heat and set beef aside. 

Line your muffin tin with papers. Ladle in a small  spoonful of batter in each muffin cup, just enough to cover the bottom about a 1/4 inch. Then, a spoon full of meat. Then spoon more batter on top of meat, until the tins are full to the top. Like this, see?

Bake until the tops turn nice and brown (but not burned!). Let cool completely, wrap in saran wrap, put muffins into a large freezer bag and suck all the air out. Freeze. Then, when you want to pack your lunch, throw one in your lunchbox. At lunch, heat in the microwave for 30sec-1min. Enjoy :)
Sloppy corn muffins

Corn Dog Muffins

I love corn dogs. These are kinda messy to eat, but they are delicious!
You will need:
2 boxes of Jiffy corn muffin mix
4 hot dogs
2 eggs
2/3 cup milk

Preheat oven to 375. Line muffin tin with papers. Prepare cornbread mix, and ladle into muffin tines until 3/4 of the way full. Slice each hot dog into three pieces, and press each piece into the muffin cup. See:

Bake until tops are lightly browned. Follow instructions above to freeze and reheat.

 And then of course I made some sausage pancake muffins for our breakfasts, but you already know how to make those :)

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