June 9, 2012

What Frugal Eating Looks Like: This Weeks Snapshot

Vegetables in my bread! Yum!

 I enjoyed homemade pumpkin chocolate chip bread this week for breakfast. I made two loaves, total cost was less that 1.50 per loaf.

Free Fruit=Awesome

J's coworker, lets call him J 2.0, moved in down the street. They had a cherry tree that was overflowing with ripe, beautiful cherries. I got to pick a box. J 2.0's wife, the Canning Queen, also let me borrow her cherry pitter. I plan on making a jar or two of jam, and maybe some black forest cake?? They also have two apple trees that are starting to hang heavy with tons of apples. I see apple sauce in my future! :)
This was the most frugal meal of the week. Tosdada's made from my leftover mexican food that I scooped onto the tostada, topped with lettuce, sour cream and salsa. Took 5 minutes to make and cost just Pennies, and it was delicious.

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