June 16, 2012

What frugal eating looks like: this weeks snapshot

salad with grilled pork chops, bread and zuchinni
J's aunt and uncle came to town this last week and, after seeing our itty bitty teeny camping grill we have been using, decided to buy us a new one! One that can grill more than two hamburgers at a time! Woo hoo! So, naturally, we ate everything off the grill this week.  It has been great!

These beat the ones in the store hands down.

 Today I went over to Scotts strawberry farm, because I heard they had some blueberries. They did! I picked my own, and got the equivalent of about 15 pints for $10. These are going to be great in smoothies, pies and muffins. Yum!

Spicy sausage and cabbage pockets-a Hoffman family favorite :)

 Don't judge my flagrant use of ketchup, please. I like it, okay?

I found a cinnamon crumb cake mix on the bargain bin at Kroger this weekend. Normally I dont buy stuff like that, because I prefer to make stuff from scratch. I like to be able to control ingredients, like salt and sugar and what type of flour goes into it. But, this was a good deal and I was feeling lazy. I substituted coffee for the water in the mix, and these came out very flavorful and perfect for workweek breakfasts.

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