July 21, 2012

Garden update: sickly carrot edition

Lesson of the week: if you want a bountiful green bean harvest, plant all of your plants at once. Dont ask me why I did not do that, because I'm not sure. But today I harvested ONE green bean. Hmm. Don't eat it all at once, now.
 I have five more bell peppers coming along nicely, and my tomatoes are finally starting to ripen! This weekend I plan on getting some buckwheat planted on the west side of the house to help amend the soil, because......
......my carrots are coming out deformed and unnatural looking. And, when cut open, they have black spots on the inside. Needless to say, these did not go in last nights pot roast. Blegh.
 I was, however, able to muster up a nice bell pepper, zucchini and an onion for a pizza earlier this week. The bell pepper was AWESOME. Yum :)
And finally, a tomato. A big, beautiful heirloom tomato. Holy crap, was it good.

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