July 15, 2012

Garden Update: Tomato fail?

ripening....I think?
I have never grown heirloom tomatoes before, so this year is an experiment for me. I'm not even sure which varieties I am growing, because I bought my plants from a local nursery labeled "heirloom varietal pack." I now see why this is a problem: you cant judge progress or problems very well without knowing what the type is.

romas a plenty
Anyways, while I was at the gym the other day I was talking with a guy who also grows a lot of tomatoes, and he said this year was shaping up to be a not so great year for them. He said most of his plants are not doing well, and those of his neighbors, too. So, maybe I just got a bad growing season? I dont know. My cherry and romas are doing great. The Heirlooms, not so much.
the tiniest green bean!

onions...that need to be weeded

my first bell pepper of the season

sugar pumpkin, creeping into the lawn

cherry tomato, aka the beast

carrots and corn....and weeds....hmph.

thyme, coming along nicely, even after being blown over in the yard during a storm.

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