July 28, 2012

Goal Check In....

I cant believe July is over with. Where has the summer gone, geez! This morning I was sitting outside watching the dog chase a butterfly, enjoying the warm morning and listening to the birds, drinking my coffee. It's the simple things that make life so wonderful. I'm sure that we do not stop enough to enjoy life....and then it just passes us by.

July has been an eventful month, what with the power outage, some possible career developments for me, and J and I's second wedding anniversary. Through all of that, I have done a decent job of staying on task this month in terms of goals....

-Pick up extra on call shifts to pay for driver improvement class
-Make and can peach jam
-Preserve some herbs from my garden
-Pay off J's Dr. bill.
-Plant a cover crop for green manure.

Today I plan on preserving the herbs in the garden, and hopefully when it cools down this evening I can get that cover crop of buckwheat planted :)

August will hold some interesting developments as well, I'm sure....

August Goals:
Pay for Colorado Trip with our savings (no additional debt, please!)
Can at least 10 jars of Salsa
Can at least 15 jars of tomato sauce
Preserve some corn
Plant fall crop (cabbage, lettuce, carrots!)
Shampoo the carpets

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