July 14, 2012

Planning for the unexpected: Driver improvement edition

Today I'm off to take a driver improvement course at the request...ahem, order....of my local district court. Apparently they don't like speeding in small town, VA. Who knew.

Anyways, my point is that sometimes, if not often, unexpected expenses arise. Like court costs and class fees. Blar.

My goal is to offset these costs as much as possible by cutting down on other expenses and increasing revenue when I can. For instance, I picked up an on-call shift this weekend. Not only do I get to be on call but I get to learn how to be a better driver on a Saturday. Boy, am I lucky. *gag*

Anyways, I threw some overripe  pears, sugar and cinnamon in the crockpot this morning to attempt pear butter. I'll post pictures if it turns into anything I might want to eat. Happy weekend!

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