July 28, 2012

What frugal eating looks like: meaty mcmeaterson edition

Wow, so apparently I was all about the meat and fried foods this week....bacon, burgers, sausages....I feel my cholesterol going up already. Mmm I love summer!

love some fresh ground coffee....
 My mom sent a GC to Sams, my new favorite place, so I bought us some coffee. We dont normally keep coffee in the house anymore, because its expensive, and we're poor. Plus, we can drink coffee at J's office in the morning. Having fresh ground coffee is a yummy treat.
 What I have been waiting for all summer.....BLTs. YUM! Happy Bob!
Salad with spinach sausages

fried zuchinni from the garden....recipe to come.

turkey burgers with store bought buns (shame on Bob!)

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