September 30, 2012

A confusing Sunday morning

my coffee does not look like this.
When I was a kid I never understood why adults HAD to have coffee in the morning in order to survive the day. I could spring forth from my bed bright eyed and ready to party. Now, obviously, I see things a little differently. For example, this morning the dog was nudging me awake because she needed to go outside. My phone told me it was 6:30 (really dog, really? Its Sunday.) but when I walked into the kitchen the coffee pot read 7:30. Well, I assumed, last night must have been daylight savings time. My phone would automatically update, of course, the coffee pot would not. And its fall, so we would lose and hour. Ah, it all makes sense.

Dog goes outside, Bob proceeds to change all of the household clocks. Bob then makes coffee and realizes that all of the clocks I changed are now all different times. Bob gets confused, pours some coffee, sits down for a minute, then realizes how important coffee is before addressing even the most menial of tasks.  Bob forgets about the clocks and comes here to write in my blog. Huh. Oh, look, a squirrel.

Damn thats some good coffee.

I guess thinking about my newly discovered dependance on a substance has me somewhat concerned. I cant function without ingesting something? Huh. Thats kind of scary. I mean don't get me wrong, Its not like its crack or anything. And I certainly do not plan to stop enjoying coffee anytime soon. And trust me, if you try to take it from me, you may lose a digit or two. However, it is interesting to think about our brains and chemical dependency and whatnot. I am only on the first cup. Lets not get to complicated here.

Anyways, after changing all of the clocks back to the correct time my plans are to finally get the kitchen cleaned up. I may venture out into the garden today, I'm not sure. I need to pull up the remaining tomato plants and the marigolds that are now nice and crispy dead. The green beans need picking yet again, and I wouldn't mind planting some carrots and or cabbage. There is always something to be done around here :) But not before another cup of coffee.

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