September 23, 2012

Garden massacre- before and after

Being that its getting awfully cold at night now, I figured it was time to pull up the garden. I debated between planting a fall garden or just putting all my effort into amending the soil for next year. Practicality won over and I chose to focus on the soil. I am still thinking I may plant a few carrots or cabbages in the front part of the house though....I dont know yet.

Before: back of house. Tomato and squash vines, and of course weeds

After: row cover laid down over organic matter.
Yesterday I pulled out all tomato plants except for the roma's and the cherry's. Lesson: next year I will prune my tomato plants better, because they were beasts. I am doing a little experiement side of the house will have a cover crop of buckwheat, oats and other stuff planted and then worked into the soil. The back will just have this years garden refuse laid on top and covered to prevent weed growth. I wonder which soil will be better next year?

I dont even know If I'm going to plant a garden in the back part of the house next year. I was thinking maybe just flowers. Hrmm..... Either way, I'm well on my way to being prepared for winter around here.

Before: side of the house- tomato vines galore!

After: vines are gone, hydrangeas are trimmed, cover crop has been planted

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