September 23, 2012

Prepping for Fall and Winter: Goal Check in for September

Yeaterday was a busy day around the house. I finished up some tasks in the garden, while J changed the air filter, sprayed the house for bugs and did a few miscelaneous projects around the house. I also managed to freeze 5 pounds of green beans...

snap off the ends....
blanch for 1 minute in hot water....
pat dry and freeze for winter use :)

And I also froze a large bag or diced roasted butternut squash....

scoop out the seeds, roast at 400 degrees. Scoop out the flesh, cool and freeze.

And no home improvement weekend is complete without a trip to Lowes. I got a new plant for the living room to replace the old one that I couldn't keep alive decided I didn't like....

*not dead* plant.

Anyways, here's my goal progress for September:
*Decorate the house for fall
*Can 15 jars of salsa I did 11 jars, which will just have to do. I'm sick of canning salsa.
*Freeze as much tomato sauce as possible I froze 11 quart bags.
*Clean up the garden Well, technically I'm only half done with this, but I'm counting it!
*Make at least one telephone call to each of my family member and be in better contact with friends

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