October 27, 2012

what frugal eating looks like: comfort food edition

What a busy week! Wow. I have to say that I love working closer to home. It really is awesome to not have to worry about leaving the office and then having to drive for an hour. Plus, it really is saving us money on gas.

Anyways, this week I have been fighting off a cold (still). Actually I have been fighting it off for about two weeks, and I think its starting to win. I'm happy to be home this weekend where I can relax and hopefully overcome this nasty sickness.

smores in the toaster oven....
 This week it was my goal to use leftovers. I didn't stick to my menu plan at all. As usual. I did manage to get quite a bit of stuff cleaned out of the fridge. My MIL sent us home with some stuff for smores that they didn't want. I wasn't sure what to do with it, but I decided why not just make smores? Duh. They were a nice midweek treat.
turned out pretty good!
 I had been craving mushroom stroganoff for a long time, so I finally made it. YUM.
 One night we just went straight to the Chinese food place.
 Last night, to use up leftovers, I made a noodle dish that actually turned out pretty good.
Anyways, this weekend will be a mixture of resting and catching up on some baking. I am hoping to make some english muffins for the freezer. We'll see how well that goes....right now I am just focused on drinking my coffee.

Apparently we are in the danger zone for the hurricane as well. The news is saying we very well may lose some power. I hope not....but just in case J and I went and bought three more cases of water. Now there are like 160 bottles of water in the office. I also bought a plug for the bathtub yesterday because it has a slow drain. If we do lose power, at least now we could fill up the bathtub quickly before the well pumps run out and we lose the ability to flush the toilet. I know, aren't we weird?

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