November 18, 2012

Goal Check in: November

Wow....alright, I suck at keeping goals. I need to get ON it. I mean really.

Heres my update:
-Bottle vanilla extract
-Try making homemade lip balm
-Pull out the rest of the garden
-Find some good deals on turkey and stock up <----i br="br" do="do" for="for" m="m" this.="this." this="this" to="to" waiting="waiting" week="week">
-Keep the house clean (ha! this is a joke, right?) I have actually been doing this....whoa, nelly. Its amazing what more time on your hands can do.

Huh. Well, I guess 2 our of 5 ain't bad? Right? Right.

Anyways, I have decided that this week I will make some homemade Kahlua. And it will be grand.
As for making lip balm, I really would like to....but the ingredients are kind of expensive, and I am kind of cheap. I think I may have to wait until December for that one. On a better note, I am almost completely done with x-mas shopping! Wahoo!!

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