November 18, 2012

What Frugal Eating Looks Like!

It was a pretty healthy (but hearty) week, if you ask me. I guess the proof is in the pudding. Or salad? There wasn't any pudding....which is a damn shame because I love pudding.

 J and I were pretty busy at work this week, and one day we skipped lunch. When we got home we were starving! So I made us this:
Pork cutlet with cheesy noodles, spinach salad. I have been trying to up my intake of leafy greens. So far, so good.

 Later, after we put up our tree and trimmed it, we settled in for a few snacks:
pay no attention to the sweet potatoes behind the cocoa...
 Hot cocoa for me...
 ....and a big fluffy bowl of popcorn for J.

Another day we met at home for lunch. I made us each a spinach salad with pieces of sweet potato, sun dried tomatoes, cheese and italian dressing, with a side of apple and peanut butter. It was great fuel to get through the rest of the work day!

My favorite meal of the week:
Homemade alfredo pizza with turkey pepperoni, spinach, sun dried tomatoes and cheese. Of course, I had a small glass of Friday night wine :)  I'm trying to limit wine and beer intake to only on the weekends. I'm also using a smaller wine glass....not by choice, but because I broke my other ones. J uses the last normal sized glass we have. I hate having incomplete sets. :( Anyways, so far its nice. I appreciate wine a lot more when I only get it once a week. So does my wallet.

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