March 24, 2013

Garden Day!

They have been calling for snow this last week, and I will admit I was skeptical. The weather lady here is about as accurate at my NCAA Bracket (I chose villanova for the win).  Low and behold, we have 4 inches already and its still coming down hard.

But on another note, I'm so excited! Weeeee! We planted seeds yesterday!
Oh, the possibilities!

Tennis Ball Lettuce
Red Sun Sunflowers
Prince Albert Pea
Little Marvel Peas
Red Wethersfield Onion
White Lisbon Bunching onions
Marigolds galore! Spanish Brocade and Petite
Solar Yellow Carrots
Skyscraper sunflowers

How's that for exciting? Am I nerd or what? In this dark picture are my sweet little tomato plants, enjoying the snow storm and waiting patiently for warmer weather. I'm just so happy Kona hasn't tried eating them yet.

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