March 19, 2013

The craziness continues...

Sorry there havent been any food posts yet this weekend, I'm trying to rectify that as we speak :)

Apparently J and I both have the gardening bug somethin' fierce (see, I sound like a southern farmer already). This weekend we decided to take the plunge and purchace a tiller, which is now sitting in my kitchen because we didn't really think about where we were going to put this thing. Here are some of the awesome outdoor chores we were able to accomplish this weekend:

I mulched the back of the house! The front pictures weren't great, so I am happy to be able to show this one. It really shows the difference mulching can make. Yay!

I made a platform for the lawnmower, so it doesn't get muddy.

Josh trimmed the pine trees in the front....

And the other one....

Josh also sprayed the entire house for bugs, which is awesome. But, now for the most important project: my garden! I had grand aspirations for this garden, and he really helped make them come true. I wasn't expecting to put up fence, but we now the range of things I can grow is much larger!

The smaller fence keeps out rabbits, so now I can grow lettuce and spinach and carrots! Yahoo! Its 16x20. I can't wait to get planting. We are going to have vegetables galore this year. I'm even hoping to grow somewhere in the neighborhood of 250 lbs of food....maybe even more. Between potatoes, pumpkins, squash and tomatoes I definitely think I can do it. I also plan to use the chicken wire to grow peas laterally. This not only free's up more ground space, but makes the fence disappear in a sea of peas!

Can't you tell I'm excited? Ha! Actually, I was so excited, I forgot to put on sunscreen yesterday. Now I look like a lobster covered in ketchup. And I feel like one, too. Oh well, worth it!

Happy Gardening!

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