March 19, 2013

Piney fresh!

So, I was walking around wally world looking at mulch (you know, like you do....) when I spotted a great deal! $2.15 for 2 cubic feet of pine bark mulch! WHA!? Sign me up, Bob, I'll take 10!

Two hours, 20 cubic feet of mulch, and an achy back later, I have mulched the front of the house. Just the front. Remember all those times in high school algebra when you wondered when you would ever use that stuff? Well, I should have paid attention. I thought i'd have enough for the front AND the back. Apparently my math skills continue to be sub-par. Either way, the front is looking slightly less trashy and a little more manicured. I'm not even near done with my front of the house remodel yet, but here is my progress so far. Before:

After (nevermind that doggie in the window):

the bushes still need to be shaped.
I also planted potatoes today, and am working on finding the energy to plant onions.

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