May 28, 2013

What pregnant chicks like to eat

I'm sure you have noticed my hiatus in the recent weeks....and I'm sure you can guess why by the title of this post!

What do pregnant chicks like to eat? Lets find out....
Pad Thai. Lots of it. And you wont find a lot of pictures to document what I've been eating, because the answer is not much.

I've been quite queasey. When I am eating, you can find me enjoying like, a piece of cheese. Or a cracker. Or mac n cheese. Basically, if it involves cheese, I can stomach it. Or pad thai, oddly enough. My appetite comes and goes. Often, something sounds good, then I bite into it and it tastes awful. Or, I force myself to eat something that looks unappetizing and it ends up tasting like gold.
 I have started putting up food for the year, though! Woo hoo! We went strawberry picking this weekend (we picked 20 quarts!)and I put up 12 jars of jam, a freezer bag full of frozen berries for smoothies, and left a few to eat fresh. I feel like a chipmunk, storing things away for winter, so I will be prepared for my baby.

Bread mixing in the machine. This machine has been a life saver, fo realz! Fresh bread (with cheese??) is a god sent on a flip-flopping stomach.

Hopefully next weekend I will be back to my regular posting :) Thanks for all the patience!

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