April 21, 2013

Goal Check-In: April

 Goals for April:

Cooking goals:
-Make something with parsnips
-Make homemade cream cheese and sour cream

Gardening goals:
-Get my seed starts planted!
-Fertilize the garden, till one more time
-Plant spinach and variety of lettuce, plant snow peas
-Plant herb garden close to the house
-Plan flower garden. 

 Extras that we did:
Changed the battery in my car
Bought a large shelf for the extra room to organize our supplies
Purchased a rototiller
Took a trip to Florida

Well, April was s successful month in the garden and around the house! I haven't had much time in the kitchen this month, and do not foresee any time in the next 9 days. So, I'm going to call it a wash and move on to May's Goals :)

MAY: out like a lamb??
Cooking/Household Goals:
-Spend several days a week grilling
-Try to keep the electric bill down this month
-Glean more stuff from the house for the yard sale we're having (the Canning Queen and I are yard sale-ing it up in May! Wahoo!)

Gardening Goals:
-Try to find room for more tomato plants.
-Keep the thing weeded (eeeek.....)
-Declare war on voles

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