December 25, 2011

Menu plan

Each week I'll post a 7 day menu plan for our family to show how we work to eat wholesome, homemade food (most of the time, anyway!). Keep in mind that we don't have kids, so this plan may not work for you. The idea behind the plan is that it gets you thinking ahead about what you are going to cook, ideally so you don't pick up a pizza on the way home or grab a mcmuffin on the way to work. So, try planning your weeks worth of food. You may find that by planning ahead you save time, money, and avoid the "what's for dinner..." dilemma.

Of course, all this planning only works if you actually stick to it :)

Baked oatmeal (recipes to come)

Spinach salad with tuna, granola bar, fruit
Mac-n-cheese, carrot sticks, fruit
Repeats (cause we're boring, folks.)

Ham, beans and cornbread.
Homemade pizza's.
Sloppy Josh's, homemade buns, veggie, potato wedges.
Turkey chilli and rice
Chicken stir fry with rice
Southwest salad
Free night/dinner out

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