February 25, 2012

No Sew Curtains

I'll be honest....my sewing skills are pretty sub-par. Plus, I do not have a sewing machine. And who has time to sew a bunch of stuff? I prefer glue! :)

Fabric glue, that is. Our kitchen was in dire need of some curtains. It looked so un-homey in there. Heres how I spruced it up in about 10 minutes:

No Sew Curtains:
Fabric glue
Fabric of your choice, measured to fit your window
Can of Pringles (you dont need this, but gosh they are a tasty snack when your working hard)

 Take the edges of your fabric and fold over, gluing lightly so that you have a nice, trimmed looking edge. Do this for all corners.

Eat and enjoy a Pringle. Then, take what will be the top of the curtain, where the rod will go through, and fold it over (leaving enough space for the rod to easily pass). Secure it with fabric glue as well. Let dry for about an hour. Hang, and enjoy.

 I did one valance for the windows pictured, but you could easily do two separate curtains. It all depends on the length of your fabric and of course your motivation. This fabric was on sale, and even after purchasing the fabric glue my curtains came out to be way cheaper than any store bought variety. And they don't even look terrible! Maybe.... :)

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