August 12, 2012

Some unorganized thoughts and "fall" cleaning

Yesterday J and I spent the day cleaning the house from top to bottom. He shampooed the carpets while I worked on cleaning the furniture and doing laundry. I even cleaned out the windowsills.  The house is very clean. It feels good.

While on this cleaning extravaganza, we polished off two pots of coffee between the two of us.  We dont drink a lot of coffee (at least I don't, usually just one cup in the morning). But, I have been thinking a lot about food and life choices lately. The things we put in our bodies impact our health so dramatically. Like after you eat a huge fast food meal versus eating something healthier you made at home...there is a distinct difference in the way you feel after eating those things. I'm sure it has more to do with the chemicals fast food chains put in their food more than anything else, or the by products of all the processing. Still....we wouldn't drink a cup of liquid that would slowly poison us....yet we eat it in food form quite frequently.  I mean, I do. Its easy to stop on the way to work and grab something quick. Or grab a quick cheap lunch while we are out in the field working. That definitely has to stop.

Lately I have been noticing the effects of stress on my peers. Stress, poor diet, etc. It puts a lot of things in perspective for me. Life if short, you never know when your time might be up. It's made it clear that I need to make some changes of my own. The world does not wait for you. It has one purpose: to circle the sun in synchronized time- it does not care about your menial life. If you want something special, you cannot wait for the world to hand it to you. You have to make it yourself.

There are not many worldly possessions that I am attached too. My grandfathers rosary is about it. I am not one of those people that saves all of the clothes from high school in tubs, or saves every book I read. When I am done with something, I pass it along to the next person.  I regularly purge my closet of items I no longer fit into or wear regularly. I like plain clothes, things I dont really have to think about, but can just throw on and I'll always look at least half put together. I dont spend money on jewelry or getting my nails done, even though I sometimes want to. I dont see the value it that. I can paint my own nails, or wear the jewelry I have that was gifted. I would rather spend my money on a delicious meal, or an experience that might teach me something new or delight me. To me, life is so much more that the vanity we make it out to be. I dont want people to think of my name and think "thats the girl that always has pretty nails." I want them to think something extraordinary. I want to inspire people to see the bigger picture and appreciate the smaller things. But then, how can I do that, when its a gorgeous morning, with the sunlight filtering through our tree's, and here I am on the internet? No one is perfect. I guess what I am saying is, I dont want life to pass me by, but yet here I sit, thinking. And there it goes, passing.

I am looking forward to my upcoming vacation to Colorado. While I can't ever really see myself living there again, it is really the only place that feels like home. And by that, I mean its comfortable. The thin air, the familiarity of it all. The good and the bad experiences. My family. My favorite places to eat. The fields of corn and sunflowers and pumpkins, the mountains in the background. It will always be my home....and I plan to soak up every minute of it while I'm there. I can't wait to relax and soak in some of the most important parts of life: family. Because even that, you never know when it will be gone.

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