September 29, 2012

what frugal eating looks like: sad celebration edition

This week was a mix of emotions for me. I was sad because my boss left at work, but also happy because I got a new job! Ta-da! Bob is awesome!

Anyways, I am excited for the change. It will allow me to commute two hours less a day. I'll have two hours of my life back every day! 10 HOURS A WEEK! What will I do with all that time?? Hrmm.....knowing myself, I'm sure I'll be up to no good. :)

I didn't get too many pictures this week...mostly because I was busy canning a million jars of salsa, then bartering said salsa with my work canning buddy for some blueberry jam. She does jam much better than I do, and I am quite skilled with salsa. Our arrangement works out nicely.

I did get a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks this week. It was god awfully sweet....I don't remember them being so sweet. But I enjoyed it.
beans from the garden with bacon, onion and Worcestershire sauce

salads on the day I was canning....

Spaghetti and more importantly wine
All in all it was a productive week.  Today I plan to head on over to the orchard and get some apples. Its a good day for apple pickin'!

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