October 30, 2012

brrrrraised cabbage!

  Its cold here in Small Town, Va.  Its been flurrying all morning, thanks to Sandy. Last night the governor closed all state offices again, so we have had two days off in a row. Wahoo!

Anyways, yesterday I thought it would be perfect weather (perfect meaning windy beyond comprehension and a wee bit chilly) to make sausages and braised cabbage. Beer braised cabbage. I know, right? YUM.

Thing is, I don't really have a lot of experience with cabbage and beer (well beer yes....cabbage no).  So, I headed over to one of my favorite local VA blogs and low and behold....beer braised cabbage. The answer to my wind blown sicky snot face. Yes, I'm still sick. How sexy is that.

beer braise cabbage, hot sausages, and beer bread=a fall treat!
This recipe is delightful, and I don't use such pompous words loosely. Head over to Kath Eats Real Food for this and other creative and healthy recipes. She is a hero for a Small Town, VA girl such as myself.

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