October 27, 2012

Goal Check in: chugging along

mmmm whole wheat english muffins!
I have not made hardly any head way on Octobers' goals. We had a really busy month, so my focus was on more important things like starting my new job, family, and taking care of my husband. Oh, and fighting off this unending cold. Blah.

Here's my goal list for October:
Freeze 4 more quart bags of pumpkin
Can several jars of apple sauce 
Freeze several quarts of green tomato curry sauce (recipe to come)
Reorganize my spice cabinet
Pull out the rest of the garden and plant a cover crop/possibly some cabbage.
Make homemade lip balm and body lotion
Bottle homemade vanilla extract

And here's what I'm hoping to accomplish in November:
-Bottle vanilla extract
-Try making homemade lip balm
-Pull out the rest of the garden
-Find some good deals on turkey and stock up
-Keep the house clean (ha! this is a joke, right?)

Anyways, I managed to make some delicious english muffins this morning....and now I'm off to get ready for a date with J! I'm forcing him to take me out to dinner and watch a movie with me. Muahaha!

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