November 3, 2012

What frugal eating looks like: thankful edition

It wasn't until I moved to the south that I ever heard anyone say anything about being blessed. Its just not something you really hear out west. At least not nearly as much as we should.
full, happy, frolicking

We live a fantastic life, and today for some reason I just feel extremely fortunate. Maybe it is because I watched an episode of No Reservations (I heart Anthony Bourdain) where he went to Mozambique. There was clearly not enough food for everyone, but they happily fed him, and they seemed like such kind people.

very full wine glasses
We are not immune to life, just because we live in America. My generation doesn't understand this as much as they should. They buy rubber bracelets for a cause, listen to U2, purchase recycled novelty items....but I honestly feel like we just don't understand how fortunate we are as people to live where we are. In spite of hard economic times here, we have food, water, shelter, and if we dont there are abundant charities to help us.

We waste organs and skin of animals because we were taught that eating those parts is gross. We waste so very much that others would be thrilled to have.

black beans, white and yellow hominy
These are just some snapshots of reasons why I believe I'm blessed.

white chocolate cranberry biscotti
 The ability to make and eat whatever I want.

6 lbs of tortilla chips, 10 lbs of potatoes, 5 lbs sweet potatoes, noodles, tomatoes, and of course beer!
 Food, in bulk, ready for me to just go to the store and pick up.
20 hot sausages, 10 lbs of chicken, 8 lbs of pork loin.
Meat, prepared for me, that I didn't even have to slaughter myself. AND- this food was free for me- my grandma got us a gift card to sams for my birthday. I'd say I am indeed very, very blessed.

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