October 13, 2012

Saving money on clothes

Did you know that annually a family of three spends over 1,800 dollars on clothes here in the US?

thanks to Get Rich Slowly for the image
 Holy crap, batman, thats a lot of cash! I estimate that annually our family of 2 spends about $300 on clothes and shoes out of pocket.

I was thinking about this today, because this time of year is when I usually buy clothes to supplement pieces of my wardrobe that are getting old/dont quite fit or look right anymore. I chose this time of year for a reason: its my birthday :) And whenever any family or friends ask what I want for my birthday, I generally say clothes, or gift cards to get clothes. My family usually blesses me very well for my birthday, much more than they have to or should.

This year I definately needed some extra clothes. I had 100 dollars in gift cards, a 20% off coupon, and I told myself I would spend no more than $80 of our own money. How did I do?

-2  pairs of pants
-5 cardigans
-4 camisoles
-2 blouses
-1 pair of earrings
-1 fleece jacket

I used my gift card, my coupon, and I spent $78 out of pocket on clothes. I'd say thats not too shabby. I keep my wardrobe pretty plain these days...I prefer to have stuff that I can inter-mix to create different outfits without having to worry too much about whether or not it all matches (becasue I have so many other important things to do? No. I just don't care that much). I try to buy quality items that can stand up to being worn and washed  at least once a week, and I guy a lot of neutral colors and use jewelry to tie an outfit together. Anyways, maybe next year my goal will be to spend NO money out of pocket on clothes? Hmmm....I'm not so sure I can do it. Its worth contemplating though...

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