November 25, 2012

How to not eat an entire pie during the holidays

 I love very much. My love for pie will compete with the love for my first born child, I just know it. You think I'm joking. Ha! Yes, of course I am...

My dillema with pie is that I like to eat it, you see. Not just a little slice, but like, a lot of slices. And eating multiple slices of pie just isn't congruent with my goal of eating healthier. But I'll be damned if you take my pie, healthy eating! It will be a cold day in hell.

So, I made mini pies. And I ate like three. Which was probably the equivalent to two slices of pie. And thats not too bad....right??

I put the pie crust (I made whole wheat, but you can buy any refrigerated pie crust and it will work just fine) into muffin tins. Then, I added filling. Pumpkin pie filling with one chocoloate chip, and apple pie filling (actually the apple jam I made a while back, it made the perfect pie filling with like no effort!) and then I baked until the crusts were crispy, flaky and heavenly. And then I ate mini pies with lust, and I did not feel guilty.

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