December 9, 2012

What frugal eating looks like.....super delayed edition

Sorry....I know I haven't been around much. Please don't be upset. It's not you, it's me. I swear.

What is it about Christmas that brings out your inner crazy? Must....decorate....EVERYTHING. Must. Bake. Cookies. Must.....sensory overload! Sensory OVERLOAD!

Ok, well now that I'm done being dramatic, here's what we've been eating lately:

the always loved pasta and bread. Mmm carb overload...

pork chops, tomatoes, balsamic vinegar and mustard

tuna cakes with spicy sour cream, baked sweet potato, pomegranate

goulash, WINE! (this one is j's...although I would have liked to have eaten 3 breadsticks. Sigh)

heart breakfast- potatoes, onion, eggs topped with chow-chow and hotsauce

mini loaves.....

mushroom, onion, green pepper spaghetti (also J's....)

Enchilada cassarole

pumpkin spice pancakes with sliced banana

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