November 25, 2012

Turkey Galore!

Remember that thyme that I grew last summer and then froze in olive oil to preserve? I busted it out on Thanksgiving....
 Cut it into chunks and stuffed it under my turkey's skin, sprinkled sage and black pepper on top, and stuffed its cavity with a diced onion.
 It turned out pretty lovely.
 Here's some of the ways I have been using leftovers:

I made a shepards pie using turkey, sauteed carots, celery, and leftover stuffing, then topped it with left over mashed potatoes and baked. In a bowl with some of my homemade cranberry sauce and a roll, this was a yummy day after meal!
 I also made soup, but neglected to get any pictures....oh well. I did make a turkey, spinach and tomato omlet for J, though, and he said it was delicious. The key to a good omlet is to saute your veggies first. I hate biting into an omlet where the vegeies are still crispy. Blegh.
 Pour your egg over to, add cheese, put a lid on it and reduce heat to low. Come back a while later and its cooked through and delicious :)

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Anonymous said...

Ahhh...... "Thyme" not "thy me" which of course only made since in the context of turkey.