December 30, 2012

Amazon love

My uncle gave us a gift card to amazon for Christmas. I was able to use it to get some kitchen supplies that I have been desperately wanting....stuff I didn't necessarily need, but that would make my time in the kitchen a lot easier and less time consuming.

First, a tortilla press. I used this the other day, and can I say WOW! It made the process go by so much faster than rolling them by hand! Simply roll your dough into a ball.... between two pieces of saran (hard!)

and then transfer your nice flat tortilla to the skillet.

viola! Magic, I tell you!

 I also splurged and got a dehydrator
This will help us preserve more herbs from the garden in an easier and less time consuming way. I can't wait! You can also make fruit leathers, apple or banana chips (or whatever kind of fruit you like), jerkey, corn chips, whatever! Cant wait to get started!

I also got a meat grinder (hasn't come yet). I'm excited for this because I can start making my own sausage, grinding my own meat (I like to know what's in my meat!) and even making easy turkey or ham salad.  And last but not least, I ordered a cast iron skillet. Already cooked with it, and love how it evenly heats.

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